Daisy Communications is dedicated to helping you communicate with others through the use of technology. We produce professional videos, websites, brochures, and newsletters to help you better communicate your message. In addition, we can train you in the effective use of current digital communication tools, such as presentation software (PowerPoint), video editing software, and other cutting-edge communication tools.

Software Training Available
Professional Media Produced


Daisy Communications trains you and your employees on effective use of current communication technologies.

Professional Media Produced

Daisy Communications produces professional quality media, including CDs, DVDs, videos, brochures, newsletters, flyers and training materials. Daisy Communications also creates and maintains websites.

  • Microsoft Office
  • Video Editing Software
  • Desktop Publishing Software
  • Photo Editing Software
  • Web Design Software
  • DVD Creation Software
  • Other Communication Tools (Blogs, Facebook, Skype)
  • DVDs and CDS from video, photographs, and slides
  • Websites
  • Presentations
  • Brochures, Newsletters, and Flyers
  • Training Materials

Kathy Sindt